Thickness profile – measure and control

Especially in the field of blown and flat film, we offer various solutions for measuring and controlling the profile tolerances (distribution of the film thickness over the course of the film), such as fully automated scanners, integration / modification of existing equipment, completely automated or even modification of existing cooling rings.

The FTM 1000 measuring device allows online thickness measurement on blown film extrusion lines. In systems with reversing or rotating elements (trigger, nozzle) can be done without consuming and expensive reversing device (turntable) a thickness assignment to the actuator on the nozzle (screw, bolt).

The FTM 2000 measuring device allows online thickness profile measurement on blown film extrusion lines on slewing rings. The measuring device is driven by a motor on a process unit around the bubble in order to realize a fast and reliable measurement of tolerances on systems without or with slow self-motion.

The thickness measurement is realized by a capacitive sensor. This high accuracy, relative measurement principle allows rapid assessment of tolerance variations during film production. The roll quality can be improved during production.

The temperature-stable sensor surface comes with a durable material
refined to ensure a long service life.

The FTC 2000 profile control (automated cooling ring) serves to reduce the thickness differences in the production of blown film and flat film. Based on the thickness profile measurement, the cooling air is influenced with high sensitivity, resulting in a large reduction in film thickness differences.