Our solutions for the plastics industry with a focus on extrusion are geared to your individual needs. This results in largely standardized products as well as special solutions for individual requirements. Contact us!

Leaflet VIP Systems

From silo to reel, we have developed methods for each process step in your production to improve production, quality or operation. Our silage inventory and associated reporting system facilitates the survey and allocation of various materials, allows control over batches and consumption, and supports advanced planning in your organization. From the silos, the material feed transports the granules without impurities to the plants and into the gravimetric system. This equipment ensures compliance with your recipe and regulates the desired thickness in g/m. To improve the quality, we offer a film thickness measurement and control as well as a width measurement. All of these components report to the webMIP report system, which gives them an survey of the production output and their quality from anywhere via your browser or via daily mail.

We have specialized in these areas and can generally fulfill all wishes.