Conveying and Feeding

Central or decentralized material supply, silo allocation and management, suction paths up to 200m, fully integrated into our operating system.

In principle, we supply two options for supplying extruded systems with material: central feeding of one or more machines with several vacuum pumps and several separators, or direct supply from adjacent containers by compact units (single suction conveyor, for example of the Ejet type with compressed air supply). Compact units are available in smaller output ranges below 100kg/h. For higher performance, one or more vacuum pumps supply all separators. All suction conveyors are delivered with suction tube and five meters of anti-static suction hose.
All of our suction conveyors or separators are equipped with a pneumatically operated, automatically after each filling filter cleaning. The filter itself is very durable and can be easily removed for cleaning.

The most effective way of supplying the material is to build a central feed of all machines from a silo warehouse, from which the materials are directly sucked through the separators via pipelines. Operation is performed on the touch screen of the feed computer, which controls the entire feed and work of the pump (s). The storage is centralized, the floor of the production hall remains clean, the production is clear.
Combining the centralized feed with the production management system webMIP creates additional effects: the formulations with the specified materials, their densities and MFI are entered in the production preparation office, assigned as orders to the machines (only to VIP systems) and sent to the machines or the loading control. The production figures and material consumption are evaluated on the webMIP server and compiled for material consumption reports.