webMIP is a database-driven web application, a management tool that enhances both product quality and productivity. It is based on the continuous and reliable recording and evaluation of the actual production data at extrusion plants. The product quality is expressed in e.g. film production by adding qualitative production data such as film weight, thickness profile and recipe compliance over any period (shift, month, job), e.g. in case of a customer request, can be analyzed. Productivity is enhanced by capturing quantities produced, material consumptions and continuous output, and using dedicated reports to evaluate downtime and machine utilization in collaboration with shiftworkers.
All data is available long term (typically up to one year).

The connection to the process computers of the VIP series is realized via a network connection (ethernet). An unlimited number of systems from the VIP family and selected third-party manufacturers, regardless of their location, can be connected.

Your advantages

  • Constant overview of the production process, also outside the production site
  • Minute-current evaluations of the current production
  • Thanks to its intuitive user guidance and the use of well-known browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, …), the system allows immediate use of the system without any training
  • If there is any network connection to the database server, the representations can be displayed from any location, especially outside the plant network.
  • Extensions, also and especially individual adjustments to existing structures, are possible at any time with minimal effort.
  • Connection and integration of third-party systems on request

The basic equipment includes the following modules:

  • Overall status – tabular display of all connected machines with selected process data.
  • Plant status – tabular display of a selected machine with detailed process data.
  • Trend of measurement data – Display of several process variables per page over an adjustable time window.
  • Consumption reports – the quantities produced are summed and downtimes determined.
  • Different reporting periods are freely selectable.
  • Down time reports – graphical representation of the machine runtime and the percentage utilization of the machines in comparison to the production specification.
  • Raw Material Editor – to create the list of usable raw materials with their raw material type, density, MFI, manufacturer.

As additional packages are available:

  • Silostatus – tabular display of silo levels and corresponding raw materials.
  • Recipe and raw material management with integrated material and supplier relationship, presentation of raw material consumptions, expansion of the reporting to include product-related evaluations, recipe optimization, online transmission of setpoints to the VIP system.
  • Profile module with the representation types waterfall and contour map in connection with role tracking and role profile (summary profile about a role)
  • Order preparation and order tracking – Planning and disposition assistance of orders, including the associated resources, such as raw materials, roller sleeves, empty pallets, etc.

For additional Information please download our leaflet.